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working in Fujian, Xi often visite▓d families that had lived in thatched sheds and small wooden boats for generati

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ons, and would ponde▓r how to lift them out of poverty."Most of the fishing bo▓ats were in a dreadful state, without

County Committ▓

electrici▓ty or water supplies. The boats were ▓low, gloomy and damp. Certain fishermen who did not have a boat j

who were selling b

rooms and simple furniture were from Zhengding,▓

ust made shacks, where it was h▓ot in summer, cold in winter, and h▓ard to shelter from wind and rain," Xi said.After doing research, Xi submitted a report to the ▓CPC Fujian provincial committee, proposing resettling th▓ose livin

and the guardians of

the boiler rooms and the gates were also from Z

g in thatched sheds and small boats."Communist Party members must hav▓e no peace of mind, day and night, to see people ▓living in such poor conditions," he said when presiding over a meeting in 1998 to address the problems.Due to


hengding."FUJIAN'S SHED &

's▓ proposal, in a few years several million ▓people bid farewell to an unstable life.The CPC attached great impor



tance to coordinated development ▓between the advanced and underdeveloped regions of the country. Fujian, for insta

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